Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Babbling bambino

Colt is glad the Yankees are out of the playoffs.
Colt has really started to talk more frequently of late. Friday night we had a prayer session with our small group at church. Well, Colt decided that was the perfect time to show off his new linguistic talents. When it was very quiet and people were praying, Colt was practicing his "ah-goo"s and "kkkk"s and "waa"s. Guess Colt likes to pray!

We also had our Bradley birth class reunion on Saturday. Colt was born 7-1, Steven on 7-3, and Brady on 7-5 (all within a week of each other)! It was a good time to see the other babies and moms and dads and our teachers. It's funny cause I've only seen the other moms when they were pregnant, and now they are skinny again. (By the way, since we moved to Tampa when I was 6 months pregnant, no one here had ever seen me not pregnant. Now when I see people, they are amazed that I am "skinny." )

Kelly and Brady; Me and Colt; Antonia and Steven

Brady and Steven

Colt and Brady saying Hi!

Colt really disliked tummy time for the longest time. He still is not the biggest fan, but he is getting better. We try to do 10 minutes a day, and sometimes we have to break it up into 5 2 minute sessions.

And tummy time is over...

Just a cute picture... blowing bubbles


Jesse Petersen said...

Noob baby question time...

What is the purpose of "tummy time?" Is it to get him used to the posture of pre-crawling so he has uber-strong guns to prowl with?

Andrea & Paul said...

I am so glad that you have friends there with so much in common with you! Imagine how much fun it will be when they are old enough to play TOGETHER and you and the other Mommies can have a break.

Charis said...

Yes, Jesse - you are correct! And it strengthens the muscles in his neck and shoulders. Maybe I need some tummy time too.

Andrea- it's funny cause now my friends and I rejoyce when our kids LOOK at each other at the same time. It WILL be better when they can play together :)

Shawn Khojasteh said...

I screamed loud when I saw the beautiful picture of Colt!!! what a handsome young man! he is such a happy baby and just adorable :) the only thing I don't like about this is that you are so far away and I can 't babysit for YOU! many many congratulations to both you and Ty. You are blessed to have such joy added to your family. God bless you all and enjoy every moment you have with him. They DO grow up way too fast, and then you have to share them with others :)
Please visit us if you go through STL. I would love to kiss Colt's little hands and cheeks. Give him lots of love for us all (the kids screamed when they saw the picture)and we hope to see you soon. Love to Ty, he is such proud daddy :)
BTW you look beautiful and so content- take care sweetie!

Shawn and the rug rats :)