Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ACU Homecoming

Last weekend we headed home to Abilene for our 5 year college reunion and to see family. We had such a good time catching up with friends we haven't seen in a while, as well as those we see more regularly. Colt enjoyed spending time with Grandad and Grandma J and seeing some aunts and uncles. I saw several friends from high school (and was reminded that my 10 year high school reunion is next year - that makes me feel old!) and got to eat at some of my favorite restaurants (Joe Allen's BBQ and Sharon Allen's Lytle Land and Cattle). Blogging was all the rage at homecoming and I've discovered that I have several "blog-stalkers" or people who read my blog but have yet to comment. Gotta say, with all of my new readership, I guess I will have to step up the quality and excitement of my posts!
A friend recently commented that Colt is always smiling... well, not always.

We found some cool glasses laying around my sister's new apartment and had fun taking pictures with them. :)

Here's Colt in his gangster outfit. It was cold at night, so we had to bundle him up!
Kojie Breakfast
Ty's college roommates and the wives (we missed you Jay and Andy!) Ah... the Friends of Ty.
Grandad, Grandma J and Aunt Alethea at Alethea's super cool apartment, The Grove. My cutie pie
Aunt Ashley and Colt - Ashley is a freshman art major at ACU.

We had a great trip and Colt did great on all of our flights. Wish we could have stayed longer. This trip really made me miss living in Texas as I know our families don't get to see Colt as often as other grandparents who live close to their grand kids. :(


Jesse Petersen said...

/sigh... 10 year reuinion...

We're all getting old. Last summer would have been mine, but I never received any letters or anything, and neither did my parents. Oh well.

Glad you had fun with the fam again, and those glasses are killer! I've gotta get me a pair of those... oh yeah... I kind of do.

Don't feel any pressure with the blogging. There are usually 100 times more stalkers than commenters. There's just something about commenting that freaks people out... like people will hunt them down.

Jenn said...

I missed Homecoming and Kojie breakfast, again! One of these days I'm going to make it, hopefully next year. I'm so glad you guys are doing well, tell Ty hi.

Jenn Grimes

Andrea & Paul said...

It was wonderful to see you guys back in Abilene! I am glad we finally got to see Colt in person. What an adorable family!

campers said...

I love the glasses! It was good to see y'all!

Rocky and Sunee Conly said...

i love the outfit on colt. cute!

btw, i've had the same thing happen with my blog. i've introduced my self to people and they've said, "i know who you are, i read your blog." weird.

kate m. said...

Glad you had fun at ACU Homecoming! I haven't been to a Kojie breakfast since about 2003, and I even lived in Abilene.

I love Colt's winter outfit and the glasses. Such fun!

Mauri said...

It was great seeing you! Hopefully you'll be back for Sing Song! And I'm glad I have now found you in Blog world so we can keep up!