Thursday, August 23, 2007

Colt meets Uncle Cody & Aunt Chez

Colt enjoyed meeting his Aunt Chez and Uncle Cody and was on his best behavior. Uncle Cody was on his best behavior too. He even ventured to change a diaper and babysat Colt all by himself while Chez and I went to get pedicures! (Sorry, Chez - I can't figure out how to type the ^ above your name!) Despite the fact that Cody spent a week of his summer touring baseball parks around the country, he still wanted to visit Tropicana Field, home to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. So we packed up little Colt and took him to his 2nd Rays game. Unfortunately the Rays lost again, but we all had a good time nonetheless. The stadium has a sting ray petting tank that we visited and Colt may have had his first tv appearance as the cameraman for Fox Sports was videotaping him at one point! I touched a sting ray but wouldn't let Colt because I didn't want one to go Steve Irwin on him.

I'm also attaching pics from a recent game night with our young couples class at church. The kids were all mesmerized by the baby and wanted to hold him. They did a great job! The person I was worried about holding Colt was this guy named Jesse Petersen :) Just kidding, Jesse! He's the one holding Colt in the 2nd pic. He really loves holding Colt and does a great job. You can check out his blog at, if you dare.

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