Thursday, June 21, 2007

38 week update!

View of nursery from bedroom door

I couldn't figure out what to do with the bedspread, so I stuck it on the wall as decor. It's too cute not to display!

The Astros mobile didn't fit on the crib, so I hung it from the fan for now.

As this pregnancy is winding down, I've been thinking about some of the things that I may miss about being pregnant. Probably the #1 thing I'll miss is the feeling of Colt moving around inside of me. It is such a cool sensation to feel his foot sliding across my uterus or to feel him punch me (if it's not too strong)! I guess what makes it so great is that I'm the only one who knows exactly what it feels like! I'll also probably miss knowing that everything I do (what I eat, my exercise routine, what I breathe in, how I sleep, etc) directly effects someone else. It's a little bit intimidating to know that I can be so influential on someone else's life, but it also has helped me to develop better habits. I'll also miss how quickly my nails grow and the thickness and shininess of my hair!

On the flip side, I am REALLY looking forward to again being able to do the following: sleep on my back, eat brie cheese, drink a glass of wine, RUN!!, eat carbs without gestational diabetes, fit into my old clothes (my maternity wardobe is severely limited!), sleep without having to get up a zillion times to pee, go throughout my daily routine without having to get up a zillion times to pee, put the Tums away, watch tv without crying at the drop of a hat due to out of control hormones, walk around without back/hip pain, lift heavy objects, waterski, paint, do things without my belly in the way.

At my 38 week appointment, the doctor said I am still dilated to 2cm and 80% effaced. I gained 2 pounds last week! All looks good otherwise. He wants to induce me by July 17th if Colt hasn't arrived on his own by then. But, I've been having contractions (last night they were every 10 minutes for 3+ hours and the night before they were 8-10 minutes for 2.5 hours), so hopefully he'll come soon and I won't have to be induced. We are getting excited!!


Irma and Koby said...

Wow Charis! Everything looks so beautiful! I am about 10 weeks behind you...just had my 28 week check up.
Congrats again and I can't agree more with your blog. It has been a beautiful experience being pregnant, but I too am excited to have my old self back. Not necessarily my figure (although that would be nice) but the ease of movement, and AMEN to the decrease in potty breaks!!!

kate m. said...

The room looks great! That was a good idea to put the quilt on the wall. Ours just sits in a heap on the floor in the corner. Nice. Have fun these last few days/weeks with just the two of you!