Tuesday, June 5, 2007

We're all moved in!

So it's been 2 weeks since we got all of our furniture and belongings delivered. I've been working slowly but surely and finally have unpacked everything! (We had a visitor from Austin come spend the night with us this week, so that was a good incentive for me to get things in order before his arrival!) Here are some pics of our new house! I am extremely amazed at how much of a difference wood floors, nice paint colors, and granite countertops can make! I mean, we have all the same furniture from Austin, but this house just feels a lot nicer and more homey. Anyway, we are just renting this place for now, so even though I am finished unpacking I am also reminded that I'll probably just have to do this routine all over again next year! We are still working on Colt's room (it's being painted yellow), so when it's done I'll post pics of the nursery.

Also, we LOVE our neighborhood! They are very active. There were 3 events this week where we hung out (a ladies night, a baby shower, and a cookout!). Three neighbors go walking several times a week with their dogs and kids and have begun to invite me along... which I love! Ty cleaned up in poker with the guys recently, which may mean he doesn't get invited back!! :) It's great to get to know them and God has really blessed us by leading us to this neighborhood.

The outside of our house The dining room (to the left of the front door)
The family room (inside the front door)
our bedroom
view from the back porch
Molly patrolling the backyard for frogs and lizards (her daily routine)
In other news, Ty and I went to the AVP pro beach volleyball tournament this weekend. We watched Misty May and Kerri Walsh beat their opponents and saw several other people play as well. The atmosphere at this event was cool because the players just walked around the venue, so anyone could take pics or get autographs as desired. The players would come up in the stands to watch their friends or opponents and were just joking around with each other. Gotta say I might take up beach volleyball after Colt is born b/c if it'll help me get abs like those girls, then I better get started! I also tried on Crocs for the first time (they were the sponsor) and am definitely in love. Even though I think they are really ugly... their comfort level is the best I've ever experienced, plus they just came out with new styles that are much better. Here are some pics from the event.


Cara said...

Your house is so cute and grown up:)

Jesse Petersen said...

We love the frame above your bed. What are the pictures inside it?

You made moving in look so easy.

Charis said...

Ha! you're the 2nd person who has asked what is in that frame! There are 3 flowers, one in each box. They are like silver color or something. I got it at kirklands - don't know if yall have that store in FL. Like your post on 6-7 btw.

Jesse Petersen said...

Yes, we do. I thought it looked like a Kirkland's thing. We have them at at least 2 malls: Brandon Towncenter and University Mall. I asked before I moused over and saw that the pic was just a thumbnail. It's quite plain when you see it full-size.

Nice painting behind the table in the dining room, too.

I'm glad you enjoyed that post. It's really 2-3 posts that I had to split up because it was getting too broad. More coming soon.

cheryl said...

The house looks pretty cute. Glad y'all are getting settled in! Can't wait to see pics of Colt when he gets here. ;o) Praying for a good rest of your pregnancy and a safe, healthy delivery!

Andrea & Paul said...

I am so jealous that you got to go watch beach volleyball! I watch it on tv all the time and wish that I could be there- scratch that wish that I could be playing!! Too bad you live so far away, otherwise we could start up a team and take on Kerri Walsh and Misty May all while working off our baby weight.

hejlyeah said...

Your house looks awesome! I'm so glad you guys are getting settled finally. Sounds like everything's working out. Keep us posted on the baby progress!