Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Bacon at the Bar

Fort DeSoto beach...voted top U.S. beach 2005

Since being back in Tampa, we've been up to alot. I've ordered baby furniture (the Wing Park style of Westwood Design). It's kinda boyish so if we have a girl ever, then I'll have to get new furniture, but I figure Colt will need his own furniture anyway (chest of drawers, bookshelves, etc) and the crib can be used for boys or girls. It should arrive in 7 weeks, and he's due in 10, so hopefully everything will be set up by the time Colt enters this world.

I went to the doctor again today for my 30 week check up (I have to go every two weeks from now on). GOOD NEWS!!! Colt has turned and is no longer breech!! Thanks for everybody's prayers on the matter. For those of you who may want info on breech babies... I found a website that gives exercises and positions that are supposed to encourage the baby to turn on their own. Don't know if that's what worked for us, but it was interesting info to look at anyways.
30 weeks pregnant!

Ty and I spent last weekend at the beach. We went to Ft. DeSoto State Park to begin a weekend of early 5 year anniversary celebration. We toured the old fort, ate lunch, and went on a 2 hour kayak expedition of this bay that goes between 5 islands off the coast. We saw several manatees that swam right next to our kayak! It was tons of fun! Then we went and ate at Grille One Sixteen. We had to sit at the bar because we weren't dressed up enough to sit in the restaurant. At the bar, instead of peanuts or crackers or whatever, they served BACON! They had these tall glasses like you get a pina colada in, and had bacon sticking out of it for a snack. How weird! They were SO proud of their Newski bacon, all the way from Wisconsin. But, despite being served bacon at a bar, this restaurant has quickly become our favorite in Tampa. The best thing about the restaurant was their desserts... they make their own donuts drizzled in yummy caramel and white chocolate. Scrumptious!! The perfect snack for a pregnancy craving :)

Me through the eye of a cannon, and Ty behind bars (at the fort, what other kinds of adventures do you think we've been having?)

Our kayak adventures.... do you see the manatee in the water beneath the oar?
Another weird thing I've noticed about Florida is the inordinate number of handicapped parking spaces. Ty and I went to a movie at a Mega theatre and there was a whole row of handicapped parking spaces (at least 80+) but the crazy part is that EVERY SINGLE ONE was parked in! I guess it's a good thing that elderly people can come to Florida and be so active in the community, but it is strange to look around the mall, restaurants, movie theaters, the beach, etc and see so many older adults. And this coming from the girl who used to work in nursing homes!!

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