Friday, May 11, 2007

Fires in FL

So there are like 250+ fires in the state of Florida right now!! Most mornings when we wake up it is all smoky outside and smells like burning trees. They keep issuing health warnings... saying not to spend too much time outside because of all the smoke and toxins in the air! Molly hates it because we either forego her daily walk, or cut them really short. Because of the strong breeze in FL, we are getting smoke all the way from some fires in Georgia and the fires in Florida. Crazy! Parents - there is no need to worry, the fires aren't really close to us.... yet.

Also, the doctor told me I have gestational diabetes. I had to go in for a 3 hour blood glucose test and then to a class with a dietician. They taught me how to test my blood which I have to do 4 times a day and gave me a meal plan to follow! The meal plan actually isn't too different than my normal eating plan, except it has less fruit and typically one less dessert per day. The good news is that since the class, my blood sugars have been well in the "normal" range, even on the lower side of normal. It's just kinda scary cause one of the potential complications can be a really big baby (over 9 lbs)! I want to give birth vaginally and know it will be harder the bigger the baby is! The good news is that the diabetes goes away after the birth, so I can eventually begin eating good (aka sugary) foods again shortly :)


hejlyeah said...

SO good to talk to you guys on Wed. night. We need to keep in touch more often.

I hope everything goes well with that test. I'm sure everything's fine.

Jenn said...

Prayers for you and Ty and Baby Dishman. Hope all is well in Florida and you can enjoy the beach some.

Chez said...

Man, bummer about the gestational diabetes! I worked with a lady who had that, but hers must have been pretty severe - she couldn't eat anything but, like, bell pepper strips before noon, and no desserts ever! Strange. I'm glad yours seems to be under control. We'll pray for a nice, normal-sized Colt. You can do it, Charis!!

Rocky and Sunee Conly said...

While I was in Orlando I could see smoke, pretty crazy place you moved to. We miss you guys and hope all goes well with Colt.