Thursday, April 19, 2007

Now touch your toes to your nose!

This weekend I flew to Austin for a wonderful baby shower. Thank you to everyone who came and to all the hostesses (Kendal Esteves, Sara Hejl, Kari Schemmel, Courtney Bates, Alethea Dillman, and Sunee Conly) for your hard work!! To my regret, we didn't all get a pic together!! (I'll upload the pics that Ty's mom took soon). Anyway, the shower was so much fun and Colt will have lots of nice things when he is born. He got lots of baseball stuff (b/c I registered for most of it) so I hope he likes the sport!! Also, his Aunt Chez made him a beautiful little blanket. I had fun in Austin visiting friends and family, eating good Mexican food, and walking Town Lake. I was very sad to come back to Tampa, but it had to be done. Hopefully one day God will let us move back to Austin!!!

Also, I had my 28 week appointment on Wednesday. I had a sonogram and they showed us a 4D image. You can see Colt's little foot up by his forhead in the pic! His eyes and nose are basically in the middle of the pic. His ear is at the rightmost side of the image. So... he is in a Frank breech position right now. It's nothing really to worry about, b/c he has plenty of time and room to turn before he gets "stuck" in that position. I've looked up some exercises I can do to get him to turn on his own... so hopefully he'll cooperate. If anyone knows any tricks to get him to move, please let me know! Other than that, no big news here. We found a house to rent and will move in around May 7th... so I'm kinda just in limbo till then!


campers said...

The 3d pic os so neat! Sounds like a fun time in Austin with fam. and friends! Glad to hear all is going well!

Andrea & Paul said...

Maybe I missed it before, but I didn't realize that you were naming your son Colt- I LOVE that name! Take care of yourself and the ever-growing little Colt.

Charis said...

Actually, that's the first time I've posted his name. I was just trying to sneak it in there to see if anyone noticed! :)

swatterson said...

Love the name! Very cute. :)
He's a limber little sucker!

Jennifer Dillman said...

We have the most beautiful grandson ever! We can't wait for Colt to arrive! We already feel so much love and joy for him. Colt will have the most wonderful parents a child could ask for.

Colt is the perfect name for Grandson #1!

Love you all,
Grandpa & Grandma Dillman!

hejlyeah said...

Loved getting to see you last weekend! Hope y'all can come visit often, and we'll try and get down there asap.

That sonogram is so awesome. Colt is such a cool name!

Chez said...

I love that kid, but I'm not going to lie... I can't really make out the toes or the nose. But I'm sure they're adorable! Can't wait to meet my favorite nephew!!