Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A whole new Molly!

After Molly's great escape last week, Ty and I decided to break down and take her to dog training. We hired a company called Bark Busters, who came out to our house on Saturday for 3 hours and trained us to train Molly. IMMEDIATELY, we saw a huge change in her!! They taught us how dogs speak and their ways of communicating, so we can be the big dog in the relationship. It's funny because the main tool is that you have to growl at your dog when they are doing something wrong. It took us a bit to get used to it (and we sound funny when we are around neighbors), but it works, so who cares!? We used to have problems with Molly pulling on our walks, going upstairs and in/out doors before us, jumping up, whining, getting on the couch uninvited, etc. Well, not anymore! I really am very impressed that after one 3 hour session, she has completely changed!! Of course, we have to do our homework everyday to reinforce her new behavior, and we still have some problems when we see squirrels on our walks, but overall she has done great in the 4 days since her initial training session. If you are debating taking your dog to obedience school, I definitely can recommend Bark Busters (they are nationwide)! We did this just in time for her new baby brother to show up and she be on her best behavior!

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