Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Compassion International came to Austin to set up a display that allowed us to experience a different culture without leaving the city. They had an 18 wheeler that transformed into 2 different countries. We were randomly channeled to tour the life of a little girl from Venezuela. We wore headphones that told us the story of this girl as we toured different rooms that described her life (her home, her bedroom, her school, her future). Her only toys were dolls she made out of mud.

Here the kids are exploring her bedroom. It really was eye-opening for the kids to see that not everyone lives like we do, that others have struggles that are different than ours, that despite our differences, everyone is loved and valued by our Father, and that we can play a part in loving and encouraging people in big and small ways. 

Tatum was eagerly waiting for her grandparents to arrive and just sat at this window for 30 minutes looking for their car. We love to have visitors! 

Tatum's 5th bday party was at a bounce house! 

I was so busy and stressed out that I didn't make the cake like usual. Can I just tell you how freeing and awesome it was! I think making bday cakes for each kid might just be a thing of the past. 

Tatum got a TON of Frozen paraphernalia for her birthday. Here is Zoe modeling one of the new dresses and crowns. 

Levi brought the class pet, Moby, home for a week. He is dressed in his new Halloween costume, hanging out with Moby. May the Force be with You.

Levi also took Moby to the dentist with him. Looks like Levi's teeth are pearly white!

We also took Moby to church. We have been meeting at the Ann Richard's School for Young Women Leaders, so they posed in front of her pictures :)

Zoe is stylin! 

I went totally hippie for a day and attended the Austin Fermentation Festival. This is the Kombucha Mama talking to the group. I learned a lot and am now trying to incorporate more fermented foods (kimchi, sauerkraut and kombucha) into my diet.

Erica ran the Run for the Water with Ty and I this year. She has joined our small group and church and has had a big impact on our family this year. We are so thankful for her!

Tatum wore her Elsa costume to run the Kids 1K. 

Colt got 3rd place in the kid's race!! 

Levi wore his Jedi costume and enjoyed the race as well. 

Tatum has been into face painting of late. She loved this butterfly at the end of her race and wanted to show you as well. 

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