Saturday, May 4, 2013

more of March and April

Over Spring Break we went to an Tabernacle that was set up at a local church. We each got an iPod shuffle with headphones to listen to the storyteller (kid version) and walked to the different stations. Here are Tatum and Colt with their friend Abe at the laver where the priests washed their hands. The kids got to throw wood onto the alter, light the candles inside the tabernacle, take communion and carry the incense into the Holy of Holies. The kids enjoyed it and came away learning a few things. I've just finished reading the Old Testament and enjoyed seeing this to-scale tabernacle, which made the story come so much more alive to me. Also, I'm appreciative that we don't have to go through the whole rigamarole anymore, but instead, Jesus is our High Priest, and we are allowed in the Holy of Holies any time we approach him in prayer! 
Here's Levi in front of a banner that had his name on it. 

Tatum has been really into painting her toenails lately. She even found my stash of polishes and painted herself one day. After that, we moved my nail polishes far out of her reach. So now, she takes markers to her toes on a regular basis to "paint" them! She's such a girl :) She also asked the other day to get her ears pierced. Slow your roll, girl! 

Also over Spring Break, Nana and Bang Bang invited us to an exotic game ranch near Johnson City. We went on a trailer ride where we got to see and feed zebras, buffalo, ostrich, camels, llamas, etc! 

Eliza and Tatum really enjoyed the petting zoo. 

More nail painting! 

35 weeks pregnant.

Here I am at 37 weeks pregnant. 

Uncle Dusty came to Austin to play the Longhorns. We enjoyed getting to see his team in action!! 
 The kids had a good time at the games (we went to 2 in 3 days) and especially enjoyed playing with Bevo, who is an awesome mascot and gave them so much attention and played chase with them around the concourse. 

After Sunday's game, the kids got to run around the bases. Colt went around 3 times! 

Here I am at 39 weeks pregnant. 

I busted out the treadmill to walk Zoe out of me the week before she was due. The kids really enjoyed seeing it out and asked to try it. Colt ended up running a whole mile (in his Crocs) in 15 minutes. Pretty good for his first timed mile at age 5! 

Levi also got in on the action! 

The boys also tested for their yellow belt in karate. This was their first belt test. Colt was really nervous and Levi was excited. They both passed with flying colors. Here they are with their instructor, Mrs. Hodgekiss. 

The newest yellow belts!! 

The kids have really been enjoying a good game of hide and go seek. Here is Tatum's favorite "hiding" spot! Can you see her?

And, more nail painting. I'm telling you, this kid loves it! We went to our friend's house for a playdate and Abbie was brave enough to let Tatum paint her nails. 

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