Saturday, May 4, 2013

February and March

Here are more iPhone pics. I feel like I rarely even use my nice camera anymore b/c it's so convenient to have the phone out!! There was a Dinosaur show downtown that we went to. It was really cool and the kids loved it. An Australian company came in and had realistic dinosaur puppets from the handheld one pictured below that Colt is petting, to a lifesize teenage t-rex one. I have awesome video of it all, but don't feel like posting it here right now (yes, I am a bit sleep deprived from having a 2 week old baby!! But, since I want to go chronologically on this blog, you will just have to wait patiently until I catch up!)

The kid's new cousin, Hazel, arrived in February as well!!! She was 11 days past her due date, so we all were trying to wait patiently for her arrival. She was a big girl and weighed in at 10lbs 4oz!! She's a beautiful girl with a head full of dark brown hair. The kids are so excited to have another cousin and we can't wait to get to love on her some more! Tatum was eager to hold Hazel, which has led to her new passion... baby holding. 

Ty and I attended a church leader's conference called Verge in downtown Austin one weekend. It was a great time of learning for a potential church plant we hope to be involved in. Anyway, as I was driving to a break out session one evening, I saw the Capital all lit up in the sunset and snapped away. 

 We always celebrate birthdays on the actual day and then have a party for the kids too. Here is Levi with his birthday pancakes he requested - blueberry! 

Levi's actual birthday was on the same day as the Kite Festival, so we headed downtown for that. We celebrated with birthday ice cream and Levi got to pick out his own kite from a vendor. 

For the past year, Levi had been requesting a piƱata, so we headed to a party store in East Austin to pick up an authentic one... or maybe they were just cheaper than the ones at Party City. Anyway, Levi chose this yellow monstrosity!! 

He requested that everyone dress in costume for his party. Levi wore his new Batman costume (thanks Nana and Bang Bang!!) and tore into each present as his friends showed up (mostly because this mom wasn't paying close attention to him until he had already opened up several of them!). 

We had planned a kite party at the park across the street, but due to rain had to move the party to our house. No worries though, it was still a fun shin dig and everyone got to make kites to fly when they got home! 

Levi with his Nana and Bang Bang!

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