Thursday, June 14, 2012

Where does the time go?

Wow! I just realized I haven't written any posts about anything we've done this year. Yep, 2012 is just flying by. Honestly, I feel like I've been on this blog every day, but that's b/c I've been transferring the blog to Blurb and creating blog books that are becoming our family keepsake/scrapbook about our lives. It's been fun reviewing the past years and looking at old pictures of the kids as babies. Anyway, here's a bit about what we've been up to so far this year.

Our church had a Mother and Son event at the Main Event. We went bowling, played putt-putt and arcade games and had good food to eat. We had a great time. Colt and Levi were EXTREMELY slow bowlers and we eventually used the bowling guide so the ball could gather some momentum and make it down the alley, but they had lots of fun, 
especially waiting for the ball to be returned in the machine. 
I painted a new bed for the kids while I was pregnant with Tatum. Don't worry, I painted it out in the garage so the fumes didn't effect the baby. 

In March we took away the reading alcove and put another twin bed underneath so the boys can now share a room. That has been quite an adjustment for us (and for them) as they learn how to go to sleep at a reasonable hour when every bone in their bodies just want to play with each other. 

Here they are playing outside. The weather was so nice this spring that we played outside alot!! 

My good friend, Kendal, moved to Houston after giving birth to her 3rd son. We had a "Hello (Lazarus), Goodbye (Esteves')" party for them before they left. This picture is a joke referring to when we were pregnant together with Tatum and Ezekiel. We will miss Mario and Kendal and are thankful for our friendship over the years! 

Tatum still loves her slide.

And is definitely into hats and bows these days.

Tatum also started walking this year at about 15 months. Took her a while, but she finally got there and rarely stops now! She loves to run after her brothers and is always on the go. 

I took maternity shots of a friend recently. She made a great model! I really liked this picture, so thought I'd share it. 

Tatum and her sweet cousin, Eliza. We worked on a family project for Bang Bang's birthday this year and took some fun pictures to thank him for his "Pearls of Wisdom."

My little girl looks so grown up in this one! 

Bathtime fun

In the fall, Colt and Levi were in preschool 2 days a week. I took them out in the spring because the scheduling just wasn't working for us. It was too stressful for us to get up early, get dressed, lunches pack and everyone to school by 9am, just to rush home so Tatum could take her nap. Then, if I picked them up early at noon for naps, Colt missed going to the playground in the afternoon (his favorite part of preschool). If I let them stay until 2pm, then Levi was super grouchy because he only got a short nap on his nap mat. We were just dreading Tuesdays and Thursdays, so something had to change! Instead, we found a woman to come to our house one day a week to watch all 3 of them at our house. It is working out perfectly and we love having Nickey as part of our family. Guess I should take some pictures of her soon, too. Anyway, here is Levi (and Tatum wanted in the picture too) with his teachers, Mrs. Nancy and Mrs. Tori. They were also Colt's teachers when he was 2-years-old. So we enjoyed having 2 years with them at Noah's Ark Preschool. 

And here is Colt (and Tatum again) with his teachers, Mrs. Mishelle and Mrs. M (also named Michelle).

Let's see, there's more to get to, so give me a few weeks. The photography business has been booming, which has put this blog on the backburner, so once again, I must play catch up. I hate that, but would rather live life with my family and friends than just typing about it on here. 

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