Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Colt's 3rd b-day party

Colt is at that age where he LOVES birthday parties. It wouldn't have been right to not throw one for him! Since he is really into trains right now, we threw a Thomas the Tank Engine party and had family and a few kids from church over. It worked out really well not to throw a huge shin-dig like last year b/c it ended up raining, so having a small group was perfect inside our house. 
Colt had fun trying out his new toys and decorating his own cupcake. 
Levi was chillin' in his train conductor's hat. This kiddo loves to wear hats! 
Mommy and the Birthday Boy. I sure do love him! 

Colt had a fun time at his party. He still talks about it all the time and is eagerly awaiting birthday #4, which we have to keep reminding him is quite a ways away. Poor kid still has yet to figure out time concepts. Everything is "last night" (referring to anything in the past) and "next week" (referring to anything in the future). Three is proving to be a fun age!

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