Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer fun with Levi

Levi is our little dare devil and charmer. He's at that fun age where he waves and smiles at most strangers and is getting better at communicate his needs/wants. His favorite word right now is "no!," so I wonder if he's going to start his terrible twos a bit early :) He's already thrown a few fits where he'll just scream and cry b/c he didn't get his way. Strong willed?!? He loves to go swimming and doesn't appear afraid of the water. Levi LOVES showers and would live in there if we'd let him. We just started "pre" potty training with him, letting him run around the house without his diaper on so he can begin to recognize the feeling of voiding as he sees it. Here's a picture of Levi today after he pooped in his diaper, he walked over to his little potty and sat on it. He KNOWS!! While our experience with Colt was that he slimmed down after he began walking, Levi has been the opposite. He eats so well that he's starting to chunk up! He also loves to try to hold Colt's hand in the car, but usually Colt refuses, which frustrates Levi. It's fun to see Levi copy Colt and enjoy having an older brother as his playmate.

He's really quite a cuddle bug, which I love and cherish. When we are playing on the floor, he'll walk over and just want to sit in my lap. He loves to read books, so I hope that means he's a smarty pants :) His other favorite toy is the basketball/goal. He'll shoot baskets or carry around the ball all day if he had his choice. Also, Levi has begun to kick balls, which I record just because I think he's early in developing that skill. He's just learned how to climb on the couch/chairs by himself and loves this new independence. His favorite pre-dinner activity is to play/wrestle with our dog, Molly. He tries to feed Molly dog food about 10x a day, so we have to keep the door shut to where her food is. At least he's a helpful kid!

                                                                                                Levi now says "mama" very clearly and often, especially when he needs something. He also says- dada, cheese, dog, bird, paci, ball, Colt, cracker, book, shoes. I know there are more words, but the list keeps growing and I haven't done a great job of recording them.  Levi is a great sleeper and sleeps from 7pm-7am, then takes a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. He's recently discovered strawberries and has been devouring them. I know there is a lot more as this is such a fun age. I've been grateful that Levi hasn't had separation anxiety to the extent that Colt did, which makes going to the gym and church nurseries much easier on me (and him too). Levi, we love you so much!


Wendi said...

Your boys are so cute! Hope you are feeling well. :)

Chez said...

Man, I love that first picture. What a sweet baby. :)