Thursday, August 12, 2010

Baby #3

The baby #3 curse has already begun. I'm already behind in documenting the pregnancy and uploading sonogram pictures - ugh! Since last post, we've found out we are having a GIRL!! We are all really excited to add a girl to the mix. I was rooting for a girl, not that I wouldn't have been happy with a boy, it's just a nice thought to have another girl around, someone with whom I can connect a bit deeper just because she is a girl. It's pretty cool because if we had been "trying" for #3, we would have done some of the things people do to influence the gender of the baby. We could have "bragged" that it was US who decided to have a girl. Since this pregnancy was totally unplanned, I love that our testimony is that this was completely GOD'S decision (well, it really would have been His decision either way, like we had any control over the matter!).

This pregnancy has thankfully been fairly uneventful. I just found out that I don't have gestational diabetes this time around, which is definitely another blessing. I had it with Colt, so I knew there was an increased chance.  A few weeks ago the nurse practitioner measured my stomach as small, so she sent me for an ultrasound. However, everything looked fine and the baby was even measuring one day big! I've been feeling great and just now have started feeling that uncomfortable late-stage pregnancy feeling, which I'm somewhat attributing to the 100 degree weather that suddenly arrived. I'm 30 weeks tomorrow, so only 10 weeks (give or hopefully take) to go! Here's a pic of Colt and I at 29 weeks.
As for a name, we are getting closer. We've been throwing a few around and even tried one on for size this week. Stay tuned (yes, that means I'll post 6 months after this baby's birth) for the name. Here's the baby waving good-bye for now.


Cara said...

Yay for girls! Not that boys are bad, but you will have so much fun with a girl. :)

Anonymous said...

so excited you are getting to experience having a daughter. it is so different!
what kind of birth are you planning this time?
i am 18 weeks and hoping for a boy. cant wait to see what you name her! blessings!

raena powell-irizarry

Chez said...

So excited to hear the name ideas!!