Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm an old woman.

My 30th birthday recently came and went. It was a great day with lots of well-wishes, thanks to Facebook, and calls from the family. Ty woke up early and made me a breakfast of scrambled eggs and chocolate chip pancakes. The boys and I went to a lunch playdate later in the morning. My friend, Andrea, made me a delicious cookie cake that looks totally professional, but yes, she made it completely herself. Makes me sick that I'm not talented like that ;) Such sweet friends to celebrate my 30th! We ate Texas Land and Cattle for dinner, but really went out to celebrate the next weekend with 8 friends at NXNW. I love extending the birthday celebration :)
They actually put 30 candles on the cake. YIKES! The first blow I blew out 27, so had to go back for the last 3. Look at that vein popping out of my neck... I was trying SO hard :) I love the look on Colt's face. He's so serious and a bit mad that I was blowing out the candles. He wanted to help I think. Anyway, entering into the 30s hasn't been so hard. I feel good, have accomplished what I've wanted to accomplish at this point, love my family, feel confident since the Lord is walking by my side and look forward to the future!

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Jesse Petersen said...

That's just crazy talk! 30!!?? Welcome to the old person club. The water's fine, despite what others say.