Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mother's Day

My 2nd Mother's Day was great! I got this great new Vita Mix blender that does EVERYTHING I could ever imagine and has made my life much easier. Ty made us a great breakfast Sunday morning, then we went to lunch with friends. This year, Mother's Day just happened to correlate with Ty's 1/2 birthday. I guess as a kid he went to Chuck E Cheese on his 1/2 birthday, so in his attempt to get out of making dinner as well, suggested we give CEC a whirl. It definitely wasn't as good as when we were kids, and the food was horrible, but Colt had a great time and was mesmerized by the mechanical characters on the stage.
Colt loved Chuck E Cheese.

Levi just chilled. I actually got to eat my meal without holding a baby, what a great gift! Levi, you are so thoughtful, even at such a young age :)

Notice Colt is trying to throw the ball. Ha!

Ty came home from work with a shaved head!!

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Chez said...

Just what you always wanted for Mother's Day - a VitaMix and a bald husband!