Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Days of Our Lives

Just took some random pictures as we were hanging around the house. I bought a bubble blower machine, since Colt loves bubbles. Here he is chasing the bubbles around our back porch.
Colt loves helping me cook and pulls a chair into the kitchen multiple times each day, in order to watch or help stir.
Levi likes to smile often these days. He's getting so strong and likes to lift up his head to look around.
Whenever Colt is going from point A to point B, he is running. I've found that I have less laundry if he runs around with just a diaper (and less stains to remove), so that's been our MO lately.
Levi has a new rocker/bouncy seat that he loves. He just kicks his feet and the toys swing back and forth. He'll sit here peacefully for a while, entertaining himself!


Wendi said...

Looks like y'all are having fun! :)

Chez said...

Bubble machine - what a fab idea!!