Friday, April 17, 2009

A MUST for all iPod owning parents

You may have heard that babies often respond well to white noise. With Colt, he had a diaper rash at a few weeks old, so we busted out the blow drier to dry off his tushie during diaper changes. It was then that we discovered he also quit crying when the drier was blowing.
This time around we discovered the blow drier also worked to calm Levi. But for fear of shorting out our favorite appliance, we sought out the vast assortment of iPod applications. And to the rescue came White Noise. It plays all sorts of noise - beach waves, rain, rainforests, seaguls, white noise, etc. And it's free! We use it every night, sometimes ALL night (yikes!) to keep our little bambino sawing logs. I recommend it to all parents of newborns!


Minda Ciardi said...

Lilly has been a white noise addict for some time....she sleeps with it all night, every night. It also helps drown out the noise of the neighbor dogs barking during the night!

Sunee said...

already have it! great minds think alike.

Julie T said...

I love it...there really IS an app for everything!