Friday, December 5, 2008

A new family member?

Since so many kind people have helped care for Molly when she was missing a few weeks ago, we decided to do our part when a random labradoodle came into our lives last week. The dog showed up in our backyard around 2pm, and played with Colt and Molly for a bit, but then escaped through the holes in our ranch wire fence. He came back around dinner time and since it was forcast to freeze that night, we took him in, fed him, and bathed him (he had a few fleas). Colt and Molly both really liked the dog and we considered keeping him (he had no collar), but since he could so easily escape from our yard, we took him to the animal shelter in the morning. He's so cute and well mannered that we are sure someone will adopt him right away!

Molly is glad all the attention is hers once again. Bundled up!

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