Saturday, December 6, 2008


Ty and I had a bit of a scare this week, and I just wanted to let yall know so you can be on your guard too! Ty received a call from a detective early in the week asking if one of our cars had been broken into because he had arrested some robbers who had Ty's business card on them. Neither of us knew of anything valuable missing out of our cars, so thought maybe the officer was mistaken (or that we somehow knew the criminals!).

A few days later the detective called back and it went down like this: the robbers had gotten into Ty's car. He accidentally left it unlocked when he went to the gym with his wallet in the console. The robbers scanned all of his credit cards, then replaced them so Ty never knew anything had happened. Fortunately, the police arrested the men later in the day, so they never had a chance to use our cards. However, this is such a sneaky scam - they could have used the credit cards for days before we noticed or were alerted! I know these are hard times for people financially, and some people are able to justify being dishonest to make ends meet. So please be careful as you are out and about this holiday season and beyond!

As an aside, Ty is forgiven for leaving his car unlocked. He goes to the gym at an ungodly hour of the morning to work out. He is religious about this and I'm very proud of his dedication (and a little jealous, because I go days/weeks without working out). Also, we see God's hand protecting us in this situation in a variety of ways. Praise Him for being our Protector and Provider!


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wow. That's a crazy story. Glad it played out like it did.