Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I've been tagged by Cara, so here goes: 38 questions...

1. Name: Charis Elizabeth

2. Birthday: March 12, 1980

3. Birthplace: England. Yes, I have dual citizenship.

4. Eye Color: brown

5. Hair Color: brown. My hair gets a red tint in the winter and it looks like Colt’s hair takes after mine.

6. Height: 5'5" I am average height now, but in 5th grade I was the tallest kid in the whole class!

7. Ethnicity: Anglo… I think my ancestors were of German descent and some Indian on my mom's side.

8. Weakness: Lately it’s been junk food (smores, root beer floats, and left over Halloween candy). I hopped on the scale today and saw that I’ve gained 5 pounds over the last month, so this obsession with junk food is going to have to come under control!!

9. Most missed memory: I miss college. I miss cross country practice and being in good shape. I miss my semester in England. I miss hanging out with friends and the relative lack of responsibility and living in the ACU “bubble.”

10. Thoughts first waking up: Since being a mom… “No! Let me sleep longer.” Or if I wake up before Colt, “Is he still breathing?”

11. Last time you cried: This is cheesy… but I’ve cried a few times while watching Oprah.

12. Song title that currently says how you feel: I only miss you on the days that end in “Y.” Yes, I am sad that we are unable to spend time with family on Thanksgiving. We will be giving thanks for you from sunny Tampa FL.

13. What is the perfect day for you: A nice morning run followed by a pancake breakfast. Then I’d spend a cool day at the beach with friends and family and not have to cook the rest of the day. (I actually really enjoy cooking, but you need a break every once in a while, ya know?)

14. Ever been asked for an autograph? No, but once a middle schooler proposed to me when I was in high school. He had a (fake) ring and everything! So sweet.

15. How do you vent anger? I used to throw things, but now I usually talk it out.

16. Who do you talk to most on the phone? Ty, my neighbor Jen, and my dad. Honestly, with a newborn, I don’t talk on the phone as often as I used to.

17. As a kid, were you a lego builder? Don’t think so. We had these Discovery Toys that you could build into different designs and roll marbles through.

18. Do you chew on your straws? Nope

19. Do you sing in the shower? No, but I do sometimes in the car.

20. Who's the last person you stayed up late talking to on the phone to? Probably Kendal or Shannon Janz. But again, I don’t talk on the phone for long hours much these days.

21. The last place you went to in a plane? Austin TEXAS!!

22. Do you cry at weddings? Yep. Especially if the bride or groom start crying. Do some of you remember the Pittman wedding? I was sobbing.

23. Are you afraid of the dark? Only when Ty is out of town.

24. What are you addicted to? Grey’s Anatomy and reading others blogs

25. Crunchy or creamy peanut butter? I like them both, but I only eat “natural” peanut butter with the oil still on top until you stir it in.

26. Who do you fight with the most? I guess Ty, but honestly our fighting has gotten less frequent, especially compared to our first year of marriage. I love you, Ty!

27. Who can you tell anything to? Ty, Kendal, Beth … I think I’m becoming more transparent with others than I used to be.

28. Do you recycle? Yes! It is an important civic duty. I recycle paper, glass, aluminum and plastic. It really cuts down on the amount of trash we put on the curb.

29. Who makes you laugh the most? These days, probably Nick Paparesta. (Sorry, Nick. I know you only like to look at the pictures on my blog, but aren’t you glad you took the time to read this?)

30. What is the worst feeling ever? When you drop your kid. Yes, he’s fine.

31. How many pillows do you sleep with? One

32. How many rings before you answer your phone? My phone doesn’t ring – I have ring tones. Ty’s ring is “Can’t get enough of your love” which we walked back down the aisle to at our wedding. My general ringtone now is the UT fight song. Hook em!

33. How many times do you press the "snooze" button? I don’t have an alarm these days. I just wake up when Colt does.

34. How do you sleep? I used to sleep only on my back. But during pregnancy I had to start sleeping on my side (which was IMPOSSIBLE for me to do). Now that I am allowed to sleep on my back again, I am so used to sleeping on my side for the last 6 months, that I can’t sleep on my back!!!

35. Last time you laughed: On Saturday we saw Dan in Real Life. It was hilarious. But at dinner before the movie, Ty seriously asked our waitress how she styled her hair. Gotta say that was pretty funny. I’d definitely never heard him ask someone that question!

36. Ever looked at someone ugly and said "EWWW"? Yes, on a rare occasion. I am shallow and have issues.

37. What is your favorite color? Blue

38. What is your favorite state? TEXAS!! It is the only state that can fly its flag equally high with Old Glory. I haven’t been very impressed with Florida since we’ve been here. It’s flat, has bad medical policies, and it doesn’t snow. Thank God we have great friends here!

OK....NOW I TAG: Colleen, Chaney, and Beth (yes, this is a good excuse for you to blog, Beth!)

Here's one of my favorite pics from the week, also the one at the top of Colt and Molly.


Ty said...

Don't pretend like you didn't want to know...I just asked what you were thinking! And Nick is not funnier than me. Maybe funnier looking...

Colleen said...

Oh boy...I'm tagged, huh? Maybe I'll post some answers on my blog, if I ever get around to that darn thing again. We've been pretty busy lately and sadly I am a neglectful blogger. I'll try to do better. Miss y'all!