Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Floridian or Texan??

We have been traveling to Texas so much since Colt was born, that it's hard to know whether he calls Texas or Tampa home. This past week Colt and I flew to Austin for my friend Kendal's baby shower.
These are my friends: Colleen and Kate, Sunee and Adalaide, me and Colt,
and Kendal with baby Malachi still cooking. I miss these girls!

Then Uncle Cody and Aunt Chez drove us to Houston to spend time with Bang Bang and Grammy (Ty's parents). Colt got REALLY fussy in the car and I'm lucky Chez and Cody didn't kick us to the curb! Guess they got over it cause they look like big Colt fans in the following pictures :)
Grammy is having fun reading Colt the menu at BJs.

Also, here is Colt in his Halloween costume. I figured he would be a cute fireman. You decide.
Colt received his first dollar and Halloween card from Grammy, Bang Bang and Uncle Dusty.
Since the pumpkin pants pictures were so popular, here is another:
On Halloween, 6 sets of neighbors sat out in a driveway and we handed out candy together. Here is the Dishman family and our little fireman (often mistaken for a bumble bee):
Grammy had fun taking pictures of Colt. Here are some of our favorites:


Ryan & Mary Beth Davis said...

What cute pics! I love the fireman costume!!! Sorry we missed you Sunday- hope to visit with you soon!

campers said...

what a cute little fireman! Glad y'all got to visit in TX

Chez said...

We would never kick you to the curb!! I had fun seeing you this weekend!!

Rocky and Sunee Conly said...

i've gotta get the pic of all of us. so cite.

hejlyeah said...

Those are such cute pictures! I hadn't seen them until today. He's growing up so fast! Hope we get to see you guys soon ... vaca in Tampa? Hmmm ...