Monday, March 19, 2007

Tampa or Bust!

Ty and I pulled into our new home in Tampa Sunday evening. We had a very long trip from Austin to Houston (to say bye to Ty's family) to Pensacola (to stay with my cousin Sarah - thank you!! ) then to Tampa. It was about 22 hours in all (it didn't help that I had to pee every hour or two). Our "villa" in Tampa is very nice and cozy. It's fully furnished, which made moving in very easy. Molly has discovered the pet park and LOVES it! It is huge and she is able to run around freely like she never has before (except when running from us around the neighborhood after escaping)! Today I went to my new Obgyn. Everything looked great and they are all really friendly. I won't necessarily have my MD at delivery... it'll be whoever is on call that day. So for my next appt I will visit with another MD so I can become familiar with all of them in the practice. Next time (at 28 weeks) they want to do a sonogram (because they haven't seen the baby before with their own eyes... guess they don't trust TX doctors :) and I'll have the much dreaded blood glucose test. Tomorrow I meet with the realtor to begin looking for more permanent dwellings. Ty has been busy at his work getting the phones and computers set up and making Home Depot runs to get office supplies. Last night we met our next door neighbor, who was throwing a wild party/BBQ. They were nice and invited us over for dinner and "beer pong." They BBQ every Sunday night... guess I should buy ear plugs!


Beth Purcell said...


I saw your dad today at McKay's and told him to tell you I want some news! Well, I guess I got what I wanted :) It sounds like everything is going really well, but I'm sure all of this must be kinda tiring. Have you been to the beach yet? Good luck house hunting - that sounds exciting. Tell Ty that we said hello and look forward to here how the Florida office takes off!

Love, Beth P.

The Houston's said...

Yea! I bet ya'll are happy to be there. Sorry we missed you as you went thru Houston, but we know your time was limited! Keep us updated on everything!

Tracey said...

Hey Charis! Where are y'all living? Loved reading your update!

Jennifer Dillman said...

Charis and Ty,

I'm glad you've been to the doctor and Grandson #1 is doing great! Wish we could be there to see your cozy villa and watch Molly run in the pet park (Jack would be jealous).

You are in our thoughts and prayers everyday!

Love you!
Jennifer & Your Dad

hejlyeah said...

Woo hoo! Glad you guys made it safely. I emailed you over the weekend, but I didn't hear back, so I figured internet hadn't been set up yet. I'm so happy to hear that everything's going well so far in Tampa. Actually, all of us might be in FL in a month or so for Luke's work, so we'll keep you posted!