Thursday, March 29, 2007

Our black night....

Ty and I at the Yankees vs. Astros spring training

Ty and his new employee, Chris and his girlfriend (team building)

A pic of our digs in Tampa

The living room (it's fully furnished!!)

Hey everybody!! I know you are all waiting for an update from Tampa. I've been so busy looking at houses with our realtor, that I've failed to post in a while. Sorry! Our awesome realtor, Tamara, has been showing me all around town, trying to nail down the perfect house for our growing family. The homes here are SO different than ones in Texas! Most of them have this funky formal sitting room right in the entrance and they are mostly stucco also.. yuck! :) But most of the homes here have pools... so that will be fun (not to maintain, but to swim in!)

Ty and I and his new employee went to an Astros spring training game last night. They kicked some Yankee butt! It was fun to heckle all the Yankee's fans. It's sad when you have a home team (Tampa Bay Devil Rays) but there are more fans for the team that only spring trains in your state for one month of the year (Yankees)!! Maybe the Devil Rays will improve one of these days so we can have somebody to cheer for.

Also, our power went out yesterday :( Our landlord had paid the bill, but the electric company applied the bill toward her home address and not the rental property. So all the food in our fridge has spoiled and I just went grocery shopping!! The landlord is really nice and is going to reimburse me for the cost of food. We had to go to our neighbor's house at 11pm when we got home from the b-ball game to borrow candles so we could see. I guess that's one excuse to meet the neighbors!

Other than that, we've been having fun. We visited Christ Community Church on Sunday and will visit somewhere else this weekend. We take Molly to the pet park twice a day.. which she loves. It's a good excuse for me to work on my tan! You can't live in Florida and be as pale as I normally am! The baby seems to be doing well.... he sure does kick alot! I started taking a Bradley method birthing course... which seems like it will be very interesting... very, well, natural. :) More on that later... Until then, Charis

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