Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Levi turns 6!!

Wow, that feels weird to write!

Who are your closest friends? Liesel at school

What are some talents you have? hopping on one foot, spinning around and clapping while nodding my head at the same time. Going down poles at the playground. Obeying, giving hugs and kisses to you. Having running races. 

What activities do you like to do with your family? going on dates to Chuck E. Cheese with mom and dad, going to different places like downtown, work in the garden, eat dinner and talk with y'all 

What makes you happy? when y'all give me hugs and kisses, when you give me kindness coins and obedience coins, when we go on dates. 

What makes you sad? if y'all died, if the garden got wrecked,

Favorite color? I have two... green and blue. 

Food? Salad with ranch dressing

Sport? basketball

Book? Ozzy and Mac (he reads it with a LeapFrog pen) 

TV show? Wallykazaam (seriously... I don't think he has watched this show in months. In reality he very much loves Ben 10... he plays Ben 10 with Tatum every day, his b-day present request list was comprised of all Ben 10 toys, this is the main show he asks to watch, etc.)

Movie? Barnyard (some cartoon movie on Netflix that is pretty comical) 

Game on iPad: Disney Infinity

Song to sing? I don't have a favorite song.

What do you like best about school? Math

Day of the week? Saturday 

What did you get for your birthday this year? A razor scooter, Ben 10 Spidermonkey costume, ultimatrix, voice changer toy, Ben 10 gun, Grandpa Max car, 2 sets of Star Wars Legos, lots of Legos from Mom and Dad

When I grow up I want to be a "like a regular dad." (This is a dad like our dad... just to clarify;)

My goal for this year is to go to Disneyland.

Something new I want to learn when I am 6 is how to to cut someone's hair. 

Anything else? No.

This year Levi wanted to have a Lego party, so we had some of his school and church friends over to the house to play various games with Legos. It was really fun and he was gifted many new Lego sets, so we haven't seen much of Levi since then as he's been holed up in the school room playing with them all since then ;) 

You are such a sweet, thoughtful and smart kiddo. You are so mature for your age which sometimes throws your Dad and I for a loop :) You have been learning to present your side of an argument, which is fine except we need to teach you better about how to do that respectfully and tactfully! You loved kindergarten this year and excelled in every area. It's a joy to watch you learn to read as this will unlock many worlds of imagination for you! You are developing a faith in Jesus and genuinely love and care for others. You are still a great helper around the house and a leader for your siblings and classmates in many areas. It has been fun cheering you on as you tackled new sports this past year... some you liked (basketball) and some you didn't (golf), but either way you stuck with it and had a good attitude. Your dad and I are your biggest cheerleaders. We love you to pieces and are so thankful that God placed you in our family. We pray that you will continue to grow in love for God and through that a heart of service towards others will also be nurtured. Love, Mom

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