Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, Zoe!

Gah… I love this girl!!

We threw a family b-day party for Zoe's first. Levi and Colt are perusing the spread.

Colt loves Pirates Booty.

Grant and Stephen were able to join us! 

Zoe loved some of her favorite foods: turkey, bell peppers, carrots and grapes.

This is one of the best cake pictures we got. She started off slow, then got to it!

This year has flown by! We have been busy with moving, homeschooling, church planting, and just life, but it seriously seems like all I did was blink and my baby turned ONE! 

Tatum and Eliza LOVED riding in the Jeep together. These girls are fun together :)

Bang Band and Hazel

Zoe loves holding my cell phone. It's getting hard to take pictures of her (or anyone else) with my phone b/c as soon as she sees it she freaks out/screams until the phone is in her hands. 

The big ONE!  

Zoe is a busy girl! She's fast too - takes off before you know it :) 

You are our sweet, silly, smart, laid-back, tough, curious girl. We love everything about you. Before you were born, your dad and I went back and forth on what your middle name should be. One name we considered was Joy, but nixed it because it was short just like Zoe. Therefore, we went with Faith. While we still love the name Zoe Faith, you bring so much joy into our lives that I often wonder if we gave you the wrong middle name :) We love you to pieces! 
Love, Mom

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Alethea Savannah said...

I love your blog! I didn't know you were posting again, so I'm just now catching up from the past few months. :)