Sunday, September 16, 2012

Germany vacation

Our family was blessed to take a trip to Germany this past April. My Dad and Stepmom were in Leipzig for the Spring semester teaching through ACUs Study Abroad program, and they missed their grandkids, so we were forced to go visit them. Sometimes family obligations are so cruel. 
The students and my parents had a scheduled trip to Prague a few days after we arrived, so we tagged along as well. 
Here is the Jewish Cemetery. It consists of layers and layers of graves stacked on top of one another. You can see the gravestones at the top, near the fence line. 

When in Europe, you must take time to stop for gelato.

Lots of gelato. 

We found a park to give the kids some play time. This zip line was a hit as well as many of the other unique park features. 

I love this picture of my Dad and Tatum on our boat tour.

The St. Charles bridge

Grandad and Grandma with the grandkids

All tuckered out. The kids took lots of naps in this stroller. There is no way we were adhering to a nap schedule when there was so much to explore!

The kids loved the breeze in the tunnel waiting for the underground subways. 

The anticipation!! 

So excited to see the train come!

The red rooftops of Prague

Aunt Abbey and Aunt Ashley were also visiting for the first week of our trip. It was SO nice to have them there to help with our kids. Oh yeah, and it was nice to experience Prague with them too :) 

The beautiful cathedral 

Aunt Ashely and Levi hanging out on the train back to Leipzig. The iPads came in handy on this trip! Aunt Ashley tried to watch Levi's movie for a while too, but eventually gave up b/c of Levi's desire to condense a movie into about 15 minutes via fast forwarding. :) 

This train ride to/from Leipzig to Prague was my favorite. The countryside was beautiful and picturesque. I will always remember its beauty and peacefulness. Almost enough to make me want to move there. 

I took about 500 pictures, so I won't post them all on the blog, but I do plan to have 2 more posts on  our visit coming soon! 

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