Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This year we celebrated Christmas at home which was such a nice treat! Dad and Jennifer were in the process of preparing their home for a semester abroad, so it would have been a hassle to stop their preparations to host everyone for Christmas. Plus, our location in Central Texas seemed convenient to everyone. Ty always says that we should play the "we have kids" card and stay home, well this year, he got his wish.
I love the ambiance from the lights on our Christmas tree. I pretty much keep that sucker on the whole month of December. 

They are very excited to open one gift on Christmas Eve. 

Grandma got them the new books from Hallmark - you read the book and a stuffed animal that comes with it will talk/respond to you. It was so cool and the kids love them!

Colt got Bigsby (a soft monster) and Levi has Cooper (a soft bear)!

Christmas morning gift exchange

Our "white-trash" wine glasses - they are mason jars with lids on top! 

Grant and Stephen and Aunt Debbie and Uncle Don also came over, as well as Aunt Alethea, Uncle Andrew and Aunt Amy, but I didn't get any pictures of them. Sorry! We had lots of delicious food, went to a Christmas Eve service at a new church down the street, and fed breakfast to some people without homes in downtown Austin on Christmas morning -all traditions I'd love to continue! I want to make it a priority to put the gifts on the back burner and realize that Jesus is the best gift we will ever be given. 

We also had Christmas celebration at our house the week before with the Dishman side of the family. 
Aunt Chez made the kids some cute pj pants! 

Eliza is happy to be here. 

Sweet Tatum

The boys in their pjs from Nana (and Uncle Dusty's OU colored hat). We love the month of December and the chance to spend time with our fun family!

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