Saturday, July 9, 2011

Miss Thang's 6 month pics

Yes, she is currently 8 months old, but she still deserves to have her 6 month pictures posted on the family blog. 

Our Taterade is always curious as to what her brothers are doing.

Oh yeah, back to the star of today's post....

At 6 months, Tatum began sitting up which was fabulous! Now she will sit and play for long periods of time and can watch everything that's going on around her. At six months, Tatum still refused to roll over. Well, she still refuses at 8 1/2 months as well, unless she is in her bed, then she'll roll over to sleep on her stomach. Tatum is a delight and we love her so much!  

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JessBless said...

What fun pictures! ADORE Tatums girly blouse!!! (Where were these pictures taken.)