Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tatum is One MONTH!

Boy how time flies! I can't believe Tatum is already one month. 
 She sleeps ALOT of the time, which leaves me with time to spend with the boys, who are still adjusting. 
 Tatum's head of hair. No bald spot yet! 
 Tatum is still wearing newborn size clothes. Just in the last 2-3 days has she started to somewhat fit in 0-3 month outfits. I'm eager for her to move up in size because she has so many cute 0-3 month outfits that I want her to wear.
 Trying to lift her little head. She's pretty strong already! Guess she'll have to be with 2 big brothers. 
 I feel like she's SO close to having her first real smile. That will be such a sweet day! 
 On our home scale, Tatum weighed in at 10.2 lbs today. 
 I love to kiss her chubby cheeks!
Her eye sight has really been improving. It's fun to watch her focus on or follow all the activity going on around her. 

  As for sleep at night, about 3 nights a week, she's been sleeping "all night" (or just wakes up to eat, then goes right back to sleep). The other nights she may be fussy, or gassy, or just awake, so one of us (usually Ty because I'm a grouch in the middle of the night) gets up with her.
I love it when she stretches like this. She looks like Super Woman - flying through the sky! 


cheryl said...

So sweet! I love the one with the teddy bear hate where she's laying on her back and making the "o" mouth. I just want to kiss on her sweet little tummy! :o)
Glad you're enjoying your little girl. Take full advantage of the sleepy time too. It's so nice and will be gone before you know it. ;o) (why can't we appreciate it the first time around?)

cheryl said...

just happened to see my comment still up in a window and realized that I wrote "hate" instead of HAT! Sheesh...Love the pics with the hat, don't hate any! ;o)

Beth said...

Very nice pics... love the little knitted bear hat.

p&k said...

Charis--can't believe I'm just getting around to commenting over here--I've actually been following your blog somewhat religiously since you ran that marathon and found out you were expecting this gorgeous little bundle! Loved that you ran a marathon pregnant, and have enjoyed watching your photography develop too--Tatum's baby pics are really great! Fantastic job!

Cute family pic in your title bar as well--although I'm seeing that it could use some updating~~again, can't believe that I'm just now making it over here . . .

megan said...

LOVE these pictures! she is precious!!!

Kim P. said...

Such sweet pictures! She's a keeper =)

Anonymous said...

Precious in pink! Grandma is craving a grandchildren fix!!!