Friday, July 2, 2010

Tis the season for...

Weddings!! I've always had fondness for weddings, for couples making that SO important commitment to one another and to God. For a few years right after college, we were attending multiple weddings a summer and I loved it. In our current life stage, wedding invitations come a bit slower, which means they are even more of a treat. Especially when the wedding is for a family member. A few weeks ago, Ty's cousin, Danny got married to Jaclyn in Corpus. 
It was great for all of Ty's cousins to get together under one roof. It had been a few years since this has happened. 
While we were in Corpus, we took the boys to the USS Lexington. Colt LOVES all things "boyish" - planes, boats, helicopters, fire trucks, trains, police cars, etc. He was in heaven, getting to sit in airplane cockpits and walk amongst all the airplanes. 
Levi loved the wind in his hair!
                          Nana and Colt in the Captain's seat. 
Colt and the giant "steering wheel." 
Here's some pictures from our time at the beach. Colt loved the water. Levi was more into digging in the sand. 


Jesse Petersen said...

Funny how the weddings slow down. Our last one was the Beales' back 3 years ago.

Everyone gone and done got married.

Chez said...

Love that pic of you and Ty. :)