Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Colt!

This month we celebrated Colt's birthday. I can't believe my baby has turned 2 years old! I've actually been kind of emotional about it lately. I think it's dawning on me just how quickly they grow up and I'm not really excited about that fact! I've been enjoying every age and stage of Colt's life and don't want it to pass by so quickly. Also, since Levi's arrival, I've been shocked at how much of Colt's life I've already forgotten. So, this post is dedicated to some of my favorite things about my sweet boy during his 2nd year of life.

This past year has involved several changes in our lives, and you have adapted to it all amazingly. This time last year we moved from Tampa to Austin. You were walking already, but since have learned to run, climb up and down stairs safely, and jump around. You love to ride your tricycle, push your bubble lawn mower daily in the backyard (for hours), and go down slides. You don't like to swing and are very much an observer in new situations (we usually have to walk you through the playground before you take off on your own and have a blast). You have worked your way through separation anxiety and now enjoy going to the church/gym nurseries to play. I've been praying that you will keep being such a great cuddler, and so far, so good. When you wake up, you always want to sit on Daddy's or my lap to drink your milk. (You drink goat's milk by the way - just b/c our bodies process it better than cow's milk, not for allergy reasons.)You continue your love for music. And while you don't sing along, you love to dance and play the drums. You've had me worried about your language development this year, but have started talk and speak new words left and right in recent months. You were speaking through primarily sign language, but now barely have need of it as you can speak your needs. You follow directions like a champ and are great at cleaning up toys after play time has ended. You love your dad and ask "Where's Daddy?" several times a day. You've also gone through a "Where'd it go?" and "What's that?" phase. In March, Levi was born. You have had some ups and downs with Levi's arrival. You've become a ham, trying to keep all the attention on you :) You don't really pay much attention to Levi (not that anyone can blame you - he's a baby who doesn't do much in the eyes of a 2 year old boy). You initiated an interest in potty training, so we've been working on this off and on all year. Around Christmas, I started putting you in cloth diapers so you could feel the wet sensation quicker. Today I bought your first big boy underwear, so hopefully you'll be fully trained shortly! When we traveled in May, you slept in a twin bed all by yourself and stayed put through the night. We were shocked that you didn't get out of bed and run around to announce your freedom :) Molly continues to be your best friend, but you've also started to develop other friendships. You get excited and run to the car when it is time to go see Cooper on our Thursday play dates. This year you've had a number of episodes of bronchiolitis and have had to be on nebulizer treatments. It's funny because now you sometimes will sit in the chair and hold your own mask to your nose. When we need to give you medicine, you usually ask for more (even of the gross herbal supplements I give you on occasion - yuck!). You don't mind going to the Doctor, which he says is probably because we have chosen not to vaccinate you up until this point, so you have no negative associations with the doctor's office.
You have followed in the tradition of your heritage on all sides of the family by loving the game of baseball. You love to hit the ball and "go go" or run the bases. When hitting the ball, you insist on wearing your ACU baseball cap. You also really like to play basketball. Following the typical boy stereotype, you also are very interested in firetrucks, police cars, construction vehicles, and bicycles.
We started praying together as a family at meals and also when we put you down to sleep. You now love to pray - you fold your hands and close your eyes for a moment, then peek at everyone else. Sometimes you even say "Amen." It's cute to watch you stop playing to say a prayer at random times throughout the day. You also love to read. You will bring EVERY SINGLE BOOK you own to Daddy or myself and want to read them all. Of course, the only time we mind is when you are trying to stall when going to bed. You actually are a really good sleeper and for that we are very grateful! You sleep from 7pm to 8am regularly and take a good afternoon nap. This year has been a time of much change. You've grown from an infant into a toddler. It's been a fun journey and we look forward to this next year as you continue to grow. Your dad and I constantly seek God's wisdom and direction as we parent you, and through it all, He is growing us too. As our love for you grows, and as we reflect on how we continue to love you even in difficult times (like when you disobey) or when we must let you struggle in order to learn a concept, we gain greater insight into God's love for us. It is our purpose as your parents to teach these concepts to you as you grow. We know this is a great responsibility, but are thankful that God has entrusted you to us. We love you more than words can express. Happy 2nd Birthday!

Love, Mom

Bye Bye :)


Chez said...

What a sweet sweet post, Charis! I love it - and I love you guys!!

Ty said...

This is a gem of a post. What a great mom.