Friday, November 21, 2008

The Dog-Gone days of fall

She once was lost but now is found. Molly that is. And she was actually lost 3 times. Molly got out on Saturday, Town Lake Animal Shelter called us a few hours later, and she was home. We thought she got out of this hole in our fence, so we patched it up. Well, Sunday she got out again. We were baffled and thought maybe she jumped the fence or that the neighbor kids let her out. We got a call Monday morning that she was safe and sound (good thing cause it almost froze that night!). I brought her home, took her outside to potty, and immediately she got out again! This time I saw her leave through a TINY crack between our adjoining fences! Anyway, she was gone for 3 days and I pretty much thought she was a gonner. I'd even grieved her loss and started planning for a new dog. (As a side note: A dog is a must have with a small child and all the milk/juice/food they spill on the floor. My floors were horribly dirty after 3 days without Molly!) We found a sign someone posted at our local park and discovered someone had found Molly. I guess they couldn't read the number on her tag so never called. I don't think Colt really noticed she was gone, although I did see him crawling around the house acting like a dog a few times. Anyway, Molly is home safe and sound, the fence is patched in multiple places, and we are one happy family again!


Chez said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe it!! I'm so glad she's back! I think several people in that neighborhood use electric fences - maybe that would work for Molly?

Andrew Dillman said...

or you could cut off one of her legs so she wont get far...think about it!