Monday, August 18, 2008

A Tribute to Tampa

We've been gone from Tampa for about 6 weeks now and are having withdrawals from all our friends there. Since we've been missing yall so much lately, here's one for you!

Let's begin with our wonderful Tampa neighbors. I miss our Girl's Night Outs and our walks. I know you miss me too, having such great new neighbors :) I appreciate all of your support and advice in my first year of motherhood! I thought this was a fun picture of Colt and his next door girlfriend sharing some popcorn at our going away party. I really miss our good friends the Paparestas and the Ernsts! Your friendship has been invaluable to me as a new mom, and more importantly as sisters in Christ. I know our friendship will withstand the distance, even though it would still be nice to dig that tunnel under the Gulf.
Monday nights are a real drag around our house these days because we wish we could be hanging out with you guys! (This is our Young Marrieds small group at Oakwood Community Church.) It's been fun to watch the dynamic changes in all of our marriages. Thanks guys for your friendship and for helping Tampa become home to us so quickly! We'll really miss you all!
Kelly and Brady have been lots of fun to hang out with in our first year as moms. It was nice to have a like-minded mom around, who was going through the same things at the same times! Good luck to you with the book. We'll have to keep in touch through our blogs!

Oh, Collins family. What will we do at basketball games without you? Who will Ty go to lunch with? Who will Gavin climb all over now that we are gone? We've enjoyed hanging out with your entire family and will miss you guys! Glad we got to see you in Vegas though.


Rocky and Sunee said...

Tampa is strait last week dog. Gimme a call y'all, Austin holdin' it down.

jus kiddin' tampa y'all kept my peeps in the love while they was out of the ATX. I got love 4 y'all for that.

Jesse said...

Hey, got photos of your new construction in your house yet? It sure was cool to see the Ernst's remodel.

Andrea & Paul said...

I want to see house pictures too! And if you can hold out for a little longer, maybe our families can be hanging out together in A town real soon!

Kelly said...

Oh Charis, We miss you, too! It was really nice to have such a sweet friend around. You are such a good listener, and since I'm such a good talker =), it really seemed to work out. Brady says hi!