Friday, March 14, 2008

Getting to Know You

Just thought I'd post a few random things about me. Enjoy!

I love Bath Junkie! This is a great store where you can create your own soaps and lotions, from the actual product, to the scent and the color!

My husband calls me a hippie because I buy organic when possible, especially milk and produce.

I'm trying to read through the Bible with Colt in his 1st year. We've finished the New Testament and are now on Deuteronomy, about to start Joshua. Guess I better hurry up as he turns 1 in July!

I don't like scary movies. Give me comedy, romance or drama and I'll gladly watch.

I've really been into cooking lately. Whenever I ask Ty what his favorite meal is, he says, "I don't know, you never make the same thing twice." If you know any good recipes, send them my way!

I love Hob Nobs. They are British cookies that they sell in the international section at the grocery store. When I lived in England I used to eat them all the time!

My favorite Bible verse currently is Jeremiah 29:11 - "For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a hope and a future." What an awesome God we serve! It's SO freeing to know that since I've commited my life to follow Jesus Christ, that He will meet all of my needs and give me a future that I don't have to fear.
I didn't keep my New Year's Resolution to eat less sugar. I spent the whole month of January eating all of the junk food remaining in my pantry (it was tempting me every day!), with the intent to start over in February, but then I lost all my resolve.
I prefer "homemade" popcorn to microwave popcorn. It is delicious and you can add REAL butter, not the imitation stuff found on most bagged popcorns.

I love Cadbury eggs. My sophmore year of college I spent a semester in England. I actually got to tour the Cadbury factory and then proceeded to buy 75 Cadbury eggs in the gift shop (they came in bags of 25). Needless to say, I got burned out on Cadbury eggs by the time the semester was over. However, Ty bought me an egg the other day and I must say I loved it with a renewed passion :)


annalee said...

you look too cute in your apron! and i love the idea to read through the Bible with Colt. thanks for the wonderful idea.

Raena said...

well ,girl, i guess we can be hippies together then. :) michael makes fun of me when we go to whole foods, he says i have even started to look like everyone else in there. hehe...

Bicky said...

how fun! i loved reading all these wonderful things about you. i, too, don't like scary movies AT ALL. And I was glad I read the whole Bible aloud to Elijah in his first year... it was so valuable! I try to keep it up with him now that he's older, but we read the children's bible instead, since he is starting to get a grasp on the stories. I haven't been able to do this with Kate at all, but I am trying to make it through the book of Psalms, at least.

Happy Late Easter!

Tracey said...

That picture of you cooking is so cute with your apron on!

Lone Starr State of Mind said...

So good to find your blog! I too love Hob Nobs & Cadbury Eggs! In England I would go down to the 5&9 (is that right?) to pick up a Cadbury Egg as a treat for accomplishing a lot of studying. I can't help but think of that fun semester, everytime I see Cadbury! Such fun memories!