Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Colt's new friends

Whenever Colt sits in his swing, he looks over to this fabric swatch and starts smiling at this little blue elephant (see pic below). Then he'll start squealing and "talking" to it! It is too cute. Guess he has some new friends! He has started to "talk" much more recently, especially if you sing to him. He'll just talk for minutes on end - it cracks me and Ty up!
Yes, if you look closely at the above picture, there IS another swing in the background. This is because we bought the Fischer Price Papesan swing and it BROKE! It is battery operated, and it will eat 4 D batteries in one swing session! So, we bought Colt a different swing (the one with the elephant), which is working MUCH better! It operates with electricity through the wall socket, which saves us money on batteries :)

This week, we left Colt with a babysitter for the 1st time!! We found a girl at church who seems responsible and she loves Colt. She's a high school senior, so we ended up taking Colt to her house (which worked out good, cause her parents were there to lend a hand if needed!). Ty and I went to a Bible study. The whole time I kept waiting for my phone to ring and was hoping it had good reception in the house! When we picked him up, he seemed happy and was clean and fed. Can't ask for much more!

Below is Colt in some of the outfits Grandma J gave to him. Thank you!

Sorry this is sort of a boring post, just not a lot going on with us right now!


Jesse said...

Hey, Charis! I like the subtle changes you made to the design. Very nice.

You guys didn't seem nervous. I think you came out of the experience just fine. :)

allyo said...

Never boring when pictures are involved!! He is getting so big. I love his little grin!

Charis said...

Jesse, I want to do even more changes (I'm not a big fan of blogger's layouts) but just haven't found/made the time to work on the html. :( How am I doing at responding?? A little slow, I know ;)

Charis said...

Thanks Ally! I was looking at Cassie's blog and her baby looks so tiny compared to Colt, but really they were the same birth weight/height. They DO grow fast! So, I am trying this new thing of responding to everyone's comments. (You can read Jesse's blog which says this is proper blogging etiquette.)

Rocky and Sunee Conly said...

i love it when they really become talkers. adelaide's always been so talkative and I've loved it. she's more vocal when happy than sad. congrats on having your first babysitter. it's such a big deal. glad it went well.

Charis said...

Thanks Sunee! Btw, I loved your last blog about all your favorite things - I'm gonna get that make your own baby food kit :)