Monday, February 19, 2007

Half way there! 20 weeks

Baby boy's profile (see his head on the left? His hand is by his nose!)
Baby's foot - he has 5 toes!
This is the baby's face looking right at the camera. The doctor said it looks normal for 20 weeks but she kept calling it a Halloween mask! How rude! :)

The 20 week sonogram today confirmed that we are having a boy! He is very healthy. We got to see the 4 chambers of his heart and a healthy brain. We also got to see his kidneys, stomach, spine, and leg bones! The only problem was he was so active that he wouldn't give us a good, clear profile picture to print out. I told him he better not be all squirmy like his dad and make funny faces in all of his pictures! I've started feeling the baby kick more lately. Ty gets jealous and excited and always wants to feel it too! At Sing Song this weekend, we sat near a huge speaker and all of our chairs vibrated. The baby started kicking like crazy whenever there was a loud song or lots of vibrations :)

Also, I've gained 9 pounds in the last month!! Yikes!! I think I've been eating too much junk food and not exercising enough. Our wonderful friends have been throwing us all sorts of going away dinners which have been good on the taste buds, but not kind to the wasteline! Now that I'm not working (I quit my job a few weeks early to pack before we move to Tampa) I can focus on exercising daily and trying to only gain the recommended one pound a week.

We went to Abilene this weekend and had a fun time with my family and the Purcells. We also saw Ally and her beautiful daughter Camden. I think we won't go back to anymore Sing Song's until the Kojies decide they want to beat the Siggies or the Moonies beat the Gammas. :) Too bad we didn't get any pics of the weekend!


annalee said...

i just stumbled across your blog! congratulations on the upcoming baby and move. what exciting stuff y'all have coming up.

Bogle said...

Hey Charis! Just found your blog through Ally's. So exciting about your baby. I am just a few weeks behind you!!! Glad to see that you are doing well!


Andrea & Paul said...

I seem to be following Annalee to people's blogs today... I have found several that I haven't seen before. And when I go to type a comment, she has done so too!

Congrats on the pregnancy! I am not sure how else I would have found out, yet. We are having a boy too. Now that I am over my initial excitement at finding your blog- I'll have to go back and read through more of it to catch up with you!
-Andrea (Hise) Whiteside

Chez said...

That's the cutest sonogram I've ever seen - I love his little foot!!

I can't believe the movers are coming next week - that's so soon!! Let us know when you guys are free, we need to hang out some more before you guys leave us!!!

hejlyeah said...

You're welcome for the stuff and for the dinner last night! It was great to see you guys. We must go to Romeo's this week or next I guess. Email me a good time!

campers said...

Hey There! Congrats on the baby boy!!! Y'all will be great parents! I am so glad I will be able to keep up with y'all now!

Cara said...

Charis! Yay for having blogs:) I can't believe you guys are moving, since we see each other so frequently anyway:) But we can stay updated on people's lives through blogs:)
-Cara Cowan